Hello everybody! This page is in continuous updating, I have had a lot of cosplay for over 20 years, so I will upload the from the new ones to the oldest ones. Also I will be uploading my newest cosplays too.

Princess Venus
PH: Dr Dany Photography(2016)
Sailor Venus x DVA
PH: Demian Photography - 2017.
Princess Kaguya
PH Liu & Casmeros Cosplay 2017.
Shaka of Virgo
PH: Poro Hype - 2016.
Thor - Lolita Version
Avengers Lolita Team - 2012.
Harley Quinn - Night Club
PH: Ryoma Saavedra PH: Max Veron - 2017
Jaina Proudmore
PH: Demian Photography - 2017.
Alexiel - Angel Sanctuary
PH: Megu Sagara 2008.
Ysera - World of Warcraft
PH Dario Pin-Poro Hype 2018
Rin Kagamine - Vocaloid
PH: Otaku no Baires - Casmeros Cosplay - 2009.