Hello Everybody!

My name is Melina from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Through years I've been cosplaying for fun, but one day I found this more than just a simple hobby, It's a way of express an art with so many disciplines. And I discovered that I made cosplay a way of life, and guess what? I made cosplay a fulltime job too!!! Making my cosplays, making cosplay accesories, cosplay for others, and pannels and being a guest cosplayer. So this is my life today! Thank you for visiting my Homepage and starting this adverture with me ♥ .

My Story

My story starts one day when my mother took me to a convention called "fantabaires 98" (Yes 1998) where I see a lot stuff that I like (mangas, trading cards, books) and... people with super hero costume!!! I was so excited, I wanna be part of that!!!! Next Year I have nothing to wear again! So I remeber a videogame "Virtua Fighter" an a character called Sarah, the costume was a black shirt and black leggins!!!! Perfect!!! When I go to the convention I don't wanna go to the stage, the public was so agressive, so I lost my opportunity of joy because of that.

The following year (2000) I fulfilled the dream of my fantasies, was to wear a cosplay (there I knew this word) of Sailor Venus!!!! I was so excited!!!
That first of December, when I left with much fear of the bathroom where I "transform" my life will be change forever. People who recognized me as the character, take photos with me, was so joyfull, then I took the stage and I was well received was a big moment to me, although the public still had not changed much with the people they didn't like :(

At that time I could not separate myself from what we know today as cosplay, and lately, I'm doing it better and better in a professional way, and I love learning more everyday! I can live from what I like and it has opened many doors to new knowledge. I never imagined that I would ever learn to sew, couture and power in another area to continue with theater. It is a lifetime experience that I will NEVER leave!

What I do

What I Like